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Education in Uganda


Across Uganda, 4 out of every 10 children aged 3-5 are enrolled in pre-primary education. This age is a critical time for children to development a strong foundation and many families do not have the luxury of owning colorful books and other educational games and resources that expand a child's reading skills, critical thinking and creativity. Moreover, 50% of Ugandan children experienced the world's longest school shutdown, keeping them out of school for 22 months and putting them in increasingly vulnerable situations.

Environmental Challenges

Littered streams
Latrines in slums.jpg

Within urban slums, individuals are faced with overcrowding and poor sanitation. Access to adequate toilets and waste disposal are all challenges faced in these communities. When heavy rains come, sewage creates havoc and unsafe conditions, which increase the spread of disease and illness. Our environmental work focuses on improving living conditions in these areas by working with local community members, and encouraging ownership and accountability of local areas and resources, including waterways. We help coordinate sanitation projects because all children deserve a clean environment to live and play in!

Economic Empowerment 

One of the greatest challenges people face in Uganda is unemployment. Widespread poverty is the result of economic hardship and people struggle to find adequate sources of income. It is estimated that 60- 70% of the working population is employed in agriculture. Currently, we are in the process of launching a learning center that will provide opportunities to unemployed individuals, such as youth who have dropped out of traditional school, young mothers, and others through skills training such as shoe and sandal making. This learning facility will include our skills training workshop as well as a library to conduct other educational and literacy programs. By empowering just one individual with a skill and steady income, we are not only improving their lives, but changing the outcome of their future and their family's future.


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